Cover Illustration

The reprint of my first novel + stories called “The Boneyard” needs a cover refresh, so I decided to paint it myself! This will be done in both watercolor and acrylic, so I am starting off in the Very Old Skool tradition of Cennino Cennini by inking it in and locking down the composition (which I already figured out in the pencil sketch [on the left] anyway).


Cover Illustration

My novel “The Boneyard” is coming out in a new edition, so it needs a cover refresh. I am doing this in watercolor and acrylic, following good ol’ Cennino Cennini by inking it in…


New Roofscape: "Aluminum"

Now that my eyesight is more or less back to normal, I’ve begun a new roofscape watercolor called “Aluminum”. I have enough information in the pencil sketch to begin applying paint.


"Cow & Trucks" Is Back Home

…Hanging in the living room over the big TV, where it looks like I am watching an episode of the British series “Time Team”. I am kind of glad this one didn’t sell at my recent one-man show. I think I would miss my cow.


One-Man Show Results

My newest one-man show ran from May 3 to the end of the month at the Larkin Arts Wine-Riner Galleries in Harrisonburg, Virginia. I was just informed by the Gallery owner that eight paintings out of the fifteen exhibited have sold. I am both gratified and humbled. There is nothing like the feeling that comes knowing your work will be hanging in someone’s home because they thought enough of it to buy it. My thanks to Valerie Smith and everyone at the Wine-Riner Galleries!

Next Up

With my one-man-show reception happening this Friday at the Larkin Arts Wine-Riner Galleries in Harrisonburg, VA, I am now thinking about the next oil painting. I think it will be a still-life of my watercolor butcher pan palette and glass water jar on the old wood side table. It is in my studio as I type, which would be very convenient! We’ll see, though. Still considering…

I like this except for the shape of the direct light on the wall.

I like this except for the shape of the direct light on the wall.