Figure Drawing at the BSSS

I just finished an eight-week figure drawing class at the Beverley Street Studio School in Staunton, VA. The instructor was noted local artist (and JMU alum) Jeffrey Stockberger. I hadn't taken a "drawing from the live model" class since 1975, so I was a bit nervous at first. Jeff's teaching technique was great, though, and he quickly put me at ease. I usually wouldn't get the best input until the following class, though, when he would say, "I was thinking about your last drawing from the class last week and I think maybe you should..." and of course he was spot-on. Each studio session was two hours, enough to do a few quick gesture drawings with vine charcoal on newsprint to loosen up, then a few blind contour drawings of about five minutes each, and then a settled drawing - one pose in fifteen minute sessions to finish out the class. Here is the last one of those I did with the model Joy just sitting at ease. It is not as finished as some others done previously because, I guess since this was the last class, we all spent more time talking than drawing.

I am about to sign up for a winter Still Life Painting course with Jeff at BSSS starting in late January. I like the way he does indirect painting with oils, and hope to learn this new (for me) technique. Again, the last time I ever did serious oil painting was in the 1970s. All this very linear, tight, water media stuff I tend to do is fine, but I need to stretch a bit. I may be 59 with some professional sales, but there is A LOT still to learn.