"Fog" Update

The oil painting on the easel continues, slowly. It got a fresh layer of paint yesterday. The roof is still a little bit too light, but the values are otherwise coming into line. I drove through a dense farmland fog a few days ago for over half an hour, and took lots of mental notes!



I normally do my paintings, especially my watercolors, from the top down, and from back to front. I have reached the point here where I am at the plane of the side of the house, so I've begun assembling the bricks from the top down. I am not yet too concerned about cast shadows, but the color intensity will lessen as I work my way down. I also like to paint bricks in a patchwork, first to give them variety as the water/paint ratio changes as I go, but also to avoid painting wet in wet and having one brick's paint bleed into another.


Beginning Two New Roofscapes

Because I have two Arches hot-pressed 140 lb. watercolor blocks at 14 x 20", and two ideas for paintings, I decided to paint them concurrently. My roofscapes always begin with the sky, and anything white in shadow, so...





Beginning "Fog"

Scraping up and mixing colors already on my palette from working on "Cow & Trucks" this morning, I am able to begin working on the very toned down 30 x 20" "Fog".


"Down There" Chosen for Juried Exhibition

My recent watercolor painting, used as the cover art for my most recent story collection "Down There & Others" (available on Amazon, B&N, etc.!) was just selected by the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild for their upcoming 2018 Annual Exhibition. This is the 27th annual exhibit by the CVWG. The show will run from September 7 to September 30, at the McGuffey Art Center, 201 Second Street, NW, Charlottesville, VA.