Rembrandt Fail

I spent the morning trying to save this, but finally decided not to waste any more paint on it. I can always cover it with a thin oil ground and reuse the canvas. A number of my successful oil paintings have failures underneath them, actually.


Rembrandt, Cont'd

I spent another four hours of studio time on this. I might decide to finish it this weekend at home. We’ll see. Here is how the painting progressed during the session.

This is how it looked at the beginning of the studio session.

This is how it looked at the beginning of the studio session.

…And this is where it was when I took it home. Not one of my better efforts.

…And this is where it was when I took it home. Not one of my better efforts.


This is the still life I recently began in my current Indirect Oil Painting class at BSSS in Staunton, VA. The first four sessions are for a still life like this, with the objects chosen from the variety of stuff in the studio classroom. This is how it looks after two sessions, with the third about to begin. The colors are still dark and subdued, but the composition is pretty much set.


Finishing "Two Stacks"

The watercolor “Two Stacks” was never finished - more work needed on the roof and shadow areas. I recently dusted the 2013 watercolor off and finished it. Here it is reframed and ready for someone’s wall.


Next Oil Painting: Storm From the West

This will use a photo I took as reference, a storm that was just coming over my house, casting the nearby trees in shadow, while in the east, beyond the Shenandoahs, the clouds are still catching the full afternoon sun.

I decided to add a center brace to this, even though it is just a 30-inch span, because these medium-weight stretcher bars can sometimes bow. From now on: heavy-weight stretchers; it's not that much more expensive, after all.


"Fog" Update

The oil painting on the easel continues, slowly. It got a fresh layer of paint yesterday. The roof is still a little bit too light, but the values are otherwise coming into line. I drove through a dense farmland fog a few days ago for over half an hour, and took lots of mental notes!



I normally do my paintings, especially my watercolors, from the top down, and from back to front. I have reached the point here where I am at the plane of the side of the house, so I've begun assembling the bricks from the top down. I am not yet too concerned about cast shadows, but the color intensity will lessen as I work my way down. I also like to paint bricks in a patchwork, first to give them variety as the water/paint ratio changes as I go, but also to avoid painting wet in wet and having one brick's paint bleed into another.