Another Cloud Study

These are addictive. I have one more to do for my one-man show next month at the Wine-Riner Gallery in Harrisonburg, VA.

“Cloud Study #2”, oil on canvas, 12 x 12”. Frame by me.

“Cloud Study #2”, oil on canvas, 12 x 12”. Frame by me.

The National Juried Exhibition in Lynchburg is Next Month

The two oil paintings they selected – “Fog” and “Cow & Trucks” – are framed, wired, and labeled. Next Friday I will be driving them down to the Academy Center of the Arts in Lynchburg, about an hour and a half trip. They both will be ‘Not-For-Sale’ because I will have them in my one-man-show at the Wine-Riner Gallery in Harrisonburg in May.


"Approaching Storm", Cont'd:

After a fifth session at the Beverley Street Studio School. I am having fun painting clouds that are variations on pink, yellow, green, and brown.

Never dead white. And, as always, without using black paint at


Cloud Studies

While I work on the “Approaching Storm” painting at the Beverley Street Studio School over the next two weeks, I am starting a series of small (12 x 12”) cloud studies here at home in my studio. Here is the first pass at “Cloud Study #1” begun with what I have already learned doing the larger painting at BSSS.


"Empty Pint" Second Session

This is what indirect oil painting is all about! I am thinking of changing the name to “WalMart Bowl” (just kidding). Next week I will concentrate on getting everything level and on the proper plain, and making the ceramic pieces look ceramic, and the glass pieces look like glass.


"Empty Pint" Begins

This is about fifteen minutes into the first of eight classes of “Indirect Oil Painting” taught by Jeff Stockberger, at the Beverley Street Studio School in Staunton, Virginia. This will be essentially a monochromatic still-life with an emphasis on cream stoneware and glass. It should be fun!